Full Alloy repair and refinish. Spare wheels available to keep you mobile.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Damaged Alloy WheelAlloy wheel refurbishment is the process of restoring alloys back to their original condition. Alloy wheels are easily damaged against kerbs and other obstacles, and in wet weather continually bathed in a solution of corrosive salts. Because of their proximity to the brake discs they also get covered in hot brake dust.

All of this combined can lead to wheels looking shabby and neglected and detracting from the appearance of the car. We have the necessary skills and equipment to return them to pristine condition.

Our refurbishment process is tailored to each alloy wheel and is dependent on the type of wheel and the severity of damage to be repaired.

A full refurbishment starts with tyre and weight removal followed by in-house chemical cleaning and shot blasting to remove old lacquer and paint. Stripping the wheel back to the bare alloy allows us to fully repair the wheel without compromise.

Custom Alloy Wheel Paint FinishesDuring repair, our skilled teams draw on years of experience to prepare a near perfect finish.  Using precision lathes, diamond turning equipment, welding and filling techniques, this is completed without compromising the wheels structural integrity.

During the refinishing phase, the wheels are prepared and painted with custom or manufacturer matched paints using various painting techniques to provide the desired effect. Ovens and air drying processes are used as appropriate to complement the painting process and maximise the strength of the final finish.

To finish, the original or new tyres are fitted as required and balanced using hidden weights.

Powder CoatingShot Blasting Alloy Refurbishment Services

We have our own “in house” shot blasting and powder coating plant for refinishing wheels and can therefore offer this service for coating motor cycle frames and motor car parts to a very high standard.

Wet Paint or Powder Coating?

Our team will be happy to advise dependent on the finish you require. Powder coating can produce some unique effects and added durability and wet painting maintains a high detail finish and offers a greater colour depth.

Diamond Turning and Split Rims

S.E.M can cater for a range of complex wheels and finishes with our on site facilities.

Diamond turning is a process of mechanical machining using specialist lathes equipped with diamond-tipped tool bits. After the wheel has been painted as appropriate, the wheel can be turned leaving a high precision metal finish on the required edges. A final lacquer helps protect the alloy from natural corrosion.

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